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About Us

Hands holding paper family cutoutDr. Max Carlin was working as a personal trainer when he first heard about chiropractic. His clients reported benefits that at first, sounded unbelievable. A quicker recovery from their aches and pains, improved performance and better overall living were just a few of the things he heard about. He was more than intrigued and knew instantly that chiropractic was perfect for him. After finishing chiropractic school, he opened Vibrant Life Chiropractic.

We have recently relocated, moving to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art space to accommodate our patients. Our facility is just the place for you and your family to discover a more vibrant life!

Our Technology-Centered, Functional Approach

Dr. Max’s primary technique is called neuro-foundational chiropractic. Though it’s true that many people want chiropractic care because they have some discomfort, our method goes far beyond pain. It focuses on removing your obstacles to healing and boosting your body’s function to make sure that you can get more out of life.

Your thorough examination with us includes scans with our state-of-the-art technology, giving an objective measure of where your level of health currently is. This baseline is used throughout your care to show your progress and demonstrate how far you have come.

A Focus on Families

We emphasize the importance of care for expecting moms, as well as babies and children. All ages are welcome at our office, but we know that good health begins early in life, which is why we focus on these groups.

One of Dr. Max’s patients was a 10-year-old girl who had been diagnosed with ADD. By decreasing her neuro-foundational imbalances, her ability to handle stress was enhanced. The girl went from having barely passing grades to blazing through her classes. She no longer needs a private tutor, can concentrate and is completing her studies.

Another patient was a woman in her 20s who came in with severe back pain. One day, she told Dr. Max, “I don’t have migraines anymore.” It wasn’t what she had come to us for, and we weren’t even aware she had been suffering from them, but it was a fantastic “side effect” of her care with us.

We’d Love to Help You

It’s our passion to share what we do with the members of our community. Contact Vibrant Life Chiropractic today to schedule a free consultation at our chiropractic office!

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