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Brain Builders: Week 1


In this first week of Brain Builders, we go over fun and easy exercises to keep us all moving that are specifically designed to help with learning and development too.

These exercises and activities are designed with kids learning from home in mind, but that are also great for us adults spending so much time sitting in front of computers.

Along with going over the basics of how to do each exercise in this video, there is also a pdf handout with images and written instructions to make it easy to do them on your own and with your kids throughout the week!

This pdf also includes a healthy recipe and some other sensory based activities!

This is one small way we can help support our friends, family and community right now during this challenging time. There is also a sign-up form below, so you can get each week of Brain Builders sent right to your inbox.

Please help us spread the word! We want to gift as many families as we can during this time. Thank you!

Sign up below for free access to Brain Builders. What’s included?

mom and child

  • 6 Weekly Videos with Dr. Max explaining and demonstrating the Brain Builders exercises
  • 6 pdf hand-outs to go along with each weeks video so that you can make this service a success of a hit for the whole family!

And did we mention? Brain Builders is not just for kiddos, adults working on a computer all day need this too!

Please help us bring this free, valuable service to our homeschooling parents by inviting your friends, teachers and other care providers to join in!

Brain Builders: Week 1 | Vibrant Life Chiropractic