Are you trying to adapt to this current homeschooling environment?

Stuck at home with your kiddos and having a hard time getting them to concentrate?

Are you ready to pull your hair out because you didn’t sign up for this homeschool thing?

We are here to help you make this shift less stressful and more successful!

A Resource For Learning & Development

As part of our Community Outreach projects at Vibrant Life Chiropractic, we are providing free resources for all you parents, care providers, and educators out there in the form of Brain Builders.

Brain Builders gives you the tools to help foster learning and development with your child. It includes:

  • Fun and easy exercises to help your homeschooler be the most successful in their learning
  • “Sensational Activities” that are fun, creative and help foster learning and development
  • “Sensational Snack” recipes that is easy to prepare and is delicious and healthy all in one!

Dr. Max Carlin, Pediatric and Neuro-Foundational Chiropractor, has been serving the Dallas community for years and providing these exercises to teachers, schools, and educators. But with the new shift to homeschooling, we are sharing this for anyone that can utilize this resource.