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Pregnancy Chiropractic North Dallas

Little girl with head on mom's pregnant bellyWhen you are pregnant, your body changes in numerous ways. You may experience aches and pains in your back or hips. You want to make sure that your pelvis and entire body are aligned and your body is in balance, ready for your baby’s birth.

You deserve to have a comfortable pregnancy experience and know that you’re ready to take on the birthing process. Vibrant Life Chiropractic can help you get there.

Techniques Appropriate for Pregnancy

Your body is smart. It knows just what to do through each stage of pregnancy. Through all the transformations during every trimester, you adapt. As the hormone relaxin flows through your body, it does just as the name suggests, relaxing ligaments and getting you ready for birth. As a result, your body can begin to feel out of balance.

Dr. Max focuses on neuro-foundational chiropractic. It involves an assortment of techniques, chosen based on your individual needs. We’ll make sure that your nerves aren’t irritated or impinged, and that any areas of concern are thoroughly addressed.


Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

Yes, chiropractic is safe during pregnancy. It is a noninvasive way to address your body’s imbalances. There is no twisting or popping involved in our low-force technique.

Does chiropractic affect the baby in the womb?

There is no pressure put on your baby while you’re receiving chiropractic care. We utilize specialized tables and pregnancy pillows to support you during your adjustment. Your comfort and safety are always our priority.

What is a first visit like for a pregnant patient?

The first visit process for expecting moms is much like that for a new patient. You’ll meet with Dr. Max for a consultation and examination. Our state-of-the-art scans can be done on our pregnant patients.

Can you help me if my baby isn’t in the right position?

If your baby isn’t in the proper position, it might be because your pelvis isn’t correctly aligned. By aligning your pelvis and the rest of your body, your baby may have the best chance at flipping and being in the correct position.

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We’re here for you on Saturdays and have same-day visits available. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for pregnancy care North Dallas!

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