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Dr. Max Carlin was working as a personal trainer when he first heard about chiropractic. His clients reported benefits that at first, sounded unbelievable. A quicker recovery from their aches and pains, improved performance and better overall living were just a few of the things he heard about.

Chiropractic Felt Like a Natural Fit
When Dr. Max encountered chiropractic, he knew right away that it was the career he was meant to have. He was working as a personal trainer and a CrossFit-certified trainer. With a love of fitness and inspiring people, he enjoyed his job.

Many of his clients talked about chiropractors, and how their performance increased or injuries went away quicker with chiropractic. Once Dr. Max heard about this natural solution that didn’t require medications and had no side effects, he was immediately intrigued.

After deciding to attend chiropractic college, Dr. Max visited a chiropractic office. He saw patients who were happy and excited to be there, which wasn’t like what he had seen at other doctors’ offices. As the chiropractic office was full of life and celebrating health, he knew that he wanted to have a practice with the same fun, positive atmosphere.

Discovering a Technique With Incredible Results
As he went through his chiropractic education, Dr. Max’s wife, Rana, became pregnant with their first child. Her pregnancy led to chronic tailbone pain. Though they sought out chiropractic, nothing seemed to help. Finally, they found a doctor who focused on neuro-foundational chiropractic. After a single adjustment, Rana was crying tears of relief.

Along with this professor, Dr. Max had other mentors who helped him hone his technique and understand the importance of the spine’s alignment around the brain stem and its effects on the body’s function.


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